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MIAMI – No matter where we go, the things we buy, eat and use more often than not come packaged in plastic.

And now our planet is drowning in it.

Every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic is being dumped into the world’s oceans, and global plastic production is expected to triple in the next 30 years.

Kiosks stocked with cleaning refills can help South Florida cut down on plastic use

The global population has become reliant on the convenience single use plastic. We know it’s not sustainable we are trying to make a difference. 

North Bay Village is taking steps to minimize pollution into Biscayne Bay.

It’s great to see the city of North Bay Village in Miami Dade County implement the Ecopod refill system for its residence. It’s the first city nationwide to do so. They are proactive in the elimination of single use plastic and we hope other cities follow suit. It would be great if all cities would bypass the retailers that are damaging the environment by implementing the Ecopod in their city halls and public places.

We’ve been working hard to ramp up production and expand, while getting the word out to product manufacturers about the potential of refill. Now, as we gain speed, we are seeing a great response to the idea of ditching single-use plastic for a refill-based model.

We’re excited to announce that we have been featured on CNN this week. The article highlights Ecopod’s role in creating a circular economy where waste is designed out of the equation. Our refill technology is poised to pave the way for manufacturers around the world that are looking to reduce single-use plastic packaging.

We are all about stopping people from buying plastic containers over and over! We are unintentionally hurting ourselves and the Planet. We manufacture our own great line of HomeCare and Personal Care products but also offer refills of P&G, Palmolive products etc..
Something Special was happening to the Ecopod Refill Technology at a special place yesterday for the Ecopod at a Fortune 100 Company in NJ.
Ecopod is honored to be able to partner with @pitbull to help save the oceans by reducing plastic! It is imperative that we act NOW on the climate change problem. We must transiction away from fossil fuels and move to an economy based on 100 percent clean renewable energy.
Baynanza was an amazing event for the Ecopod. Everyone in attendance was very surprised that a system with the capacity for Reuse/Refill existed for all Home Care and Personal Care Products we will keep working hard to keep up the awareness campaign. The Oceans need our help! We are here for all major manufacturers of Home Care and Personal care Products etc.. our Technology is free to them.
As part of its series “The Business of Climate Change,” which highlights the climate views of business men and women throughout the state, The Invading Sea spoke with Henry Pino, president of Ecopod Kiosks.

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