About Us

About Us

Ecopod is a centralized refilling system for personal care and household cleaning items that could prevent millions of pounds of plastic waste from entering our landfills and oceans.

“From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet”.

Source: Earth Day Network Campaign: End Plastic Pollution

Mission and Vision

Mission: To eliminate single use plastic by encouraging the adoption of refill technology through education, personal responsibility, and action.

Vision: We encourage manufacturers to make environmentally-conscious choices when producing personal and home-care products. We need to inspire others to adopt the concept of a circular economy.  We need to address the environmental challenges facing our planet.  We believe embracing and implementing the Ecopod, a viable and safe refill model, is a perfect way to create a self-sustainable circular economy. Overall, we hope to create systemic change and eventually create a better well-being for all people, where survival of our future generations is at stake. 


9155 Dadeland Blvd #1506 Miami, Fl 33165

Refills not Landfills

Phone: 305-665-6694

Email: info@ecopod.us


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